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World-class Trommels

Polydeck is rapidly gaining recognition as one of the finest trommel screen builders in the world. Customer comments like, "excellent steel fabrication, lining and panels" indicate the high quality you can expect from all our trommels, no matter what size. We put the same craftsmanship and attention to detail into a 6' ball mill trommel as we did on a recent SAG mill trommel that measured 15.5' in diameter and 16' long, weighed 37,000 pounds and contained 600 square feet of screen panels!

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Frame Systems: Trommels


For more than 30 years, Polydeck has designed and manufactured trommels of all sizes for use in SAG mill, ball mill, and rod mill applications. Once the frame is assembled, we can add protective epoxy coatings and rubber linings to extend service life. Whatever your need... we can offer you the choice of existing designs or help you create a custom design for a specific use.

Performance Features

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