Small Sized Trommels

Typically 33" to 53" working surface diameter

small trommels

Our small trommel design incorporates a very simple structure, verified by finite element analysis, based on our patented PolySnap® fastening system. This system allows the use of standard PolySnap® panels, including those with our interlocking scrolls. Polydeck offers a wide variety of screen panel options and trommel accessories which provide optimum performance, ease of maintenance, and reliable service life.

One of the unique features of our small trommel design is that the steel structure is completely protected from the slurries by using all replaceable, wear-resistant ProTop TR components which are much less expensive than conventional rubber linings. The fact that these components can be replaced as needed is a significant benefit over bonded rubber linings. This system provides a much longer service life for the trommels.