Screening Process Evaluations

Screening Process Evaluations

If you’re designing a new processing plant or making upgrades to an existing one, consider using Polydeck as your independent screening consultant to maximize your screening operation. We help you “dial in” your screen media choices and identify areas that will bring you the greatest potential ROI. Our Applications Engineers are from the aggregate, mining, and coal industries, so they know firsthand the challenges you face. We offer Screening Process Evaluations as a “value added” service to show our commitment to your success


The earlier you can include us in your planning, the more likely we can identify areas of cost savings and help you justify capital expenditures. The ideal time to conduct a screening process evaluation is in the initial equipment selection phase. 

Why Polydeck?

Traditional screen application reviews incorporate basic flow sheet programs to arrive at predictive solutions. Although this approach is adequate for simple applications, it leaves out many variables that can significantly affect the results. Polydeck’s evaluations are much more comprehensive due to the tools we use, the decades of screening experience we bring and our whole plant approach.