Screen Media: Panel Designs

Screen Panel Designs

We offer an extensive line of screen openings and surface configurations to accommodate your exact production specifications or operational needs, all produced using our unique injection molding process to ensure consistent quality, panel after panel.

Screen Openings

Square - the most common opening style

Slotted - for draining liquid or where elongated material is acceptable

VR - innovative zigzag design minimizes material entrapment or pegging

SVR - elongated material alternative to standard VR design

Round - highly effective in primary scalping operations

Solid - well suited for high impact and heavy wear

Continuous Slot - most commonly used in coal industry

Surface Configurations

With our injection molding process, special surface features, such as dams, skid bars, and deflectors, are part of the original panel construction-not a laminated add-on-for greater strength and longer life.

Dams - used in wet applications to slow material and increase washing effect

Restricted Flow - effective in fine sizing applications

Skid Bars - keep oversize material off the screen panel surface and reduces wear

Deflectors - helps redirect material toward middle of panels

Specialty Panels

Cutter Panel - small surface humps situated slot against flow for static flume applications

Dmax - Ultra high-open area screen panels

Herringbone - effective for static sieve applications where heavy media recovery is critical

VST - Vector Slot Technology - slots at 45 degree angles enable the efficient recovery of heavy media

SSP (Static Screen Panel) - molded with ridges to intensify dewatering