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Why We Injection
Mold All Our Panels

There are lots of reasons but the three most compelling to our customers are Quality, Consistency and Delivery.

Quality: Injection molding ensures that every screen panel has accurate opening sizes and shapes and is thoroughly cured throughout.

Consistency: The injection molding process is an enclosed, computer-controlled process that injects the material at the same rate, heats it to the same temperature and cures it for the same length of time...every time.

Delivery: Because injection molding is a closed process, it is not affected by environmental factors, meaning production takes minutes in most cases, instead of hours for competitors' open cast process.

Injection molding

Screen Media

Screen Media

With so many options in the Polydeck family of products, we can provide a synthetic screen media solution that is guaranteed to meet your needs for product spec, wear life, and performance.

All of our polyurethane screen panels and rubber screen panels are made with an injection molding process, ensuring accurate openings and consistent construction-panel after panel. Injection molding also means that surface features (such as dams and skid bars) are not glued or bolted on, but are an integrated part of the panel's construction.

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