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Crown Adapter Options

Crown adapters provide additional flexibility to our popular PipeTop II™ frame system, in either pin-style or PolySnap® variations.

Crown Adapter
There are 14 different crown heights available for pin-style fastenings, ranging from 1/2" high up to 2-1/4" high.

Crown AdapterThere are 9 different crown heights available for PolySnap® fastenings, ranging from 1" high up to 2-1/4" high.

Polydeck crown adapter strip sections are also available for channel-type frame rails. For more information, contact your Polydeck representative.

Accessories: Crown Adapters

Screen Crown Adapters

Our crown adapters are a simple, economical solution for temporarily converting an existing Polydeck frame to wire cloth for making a specialty run of a different product spec.

Crown Adapaters Data SheetAvailable for both pin-style and PolySnap® PipeTop II™ fastening systems, Polydeck crown adapters are made of our abrasion-resistant polyurethane compound.

For more information, download the Polydeck Crown Adapters data sheet. »