Screen Media: Materials

Rubberdex® Modular Screen Panels

Whatever your screening conditions (wet or dry). Whatever your feed rate, material size or bed depth. Whatever the application (scalping, fines removal, drain and rinse etc.), Polydeck screen panels are manufactured with rubber screening materials that provide long life and consistent performance.

Rubber (Rubberdex®)
Particularly effective in dry applications

  • « 40 Durometer - softer, highly flexible rubber proven extremely effective in tough blinding applications
  • 65 Durometer - hard rubber best for high-wear applications
  • High Temperature - rubber compound effective up to 203° F (95° C)
  • Ferrodex™ - special formulation (red coloration) for coarse, wet, more caustic screening applications
  • 40 Durometer MSDS Sheet
  • 65 Durometer MSDS Sheet
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