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How Does A 50%
Noise Reduction Sound?

If you're currently using some type of steel screen media, you know how much noise your screening operation makes. Our polyurethane and rubber screen media can reduce that noise level by as much as 9 decibels. That's a 50% reduction as perceived by the human ear. That means plant personnel can work nearby for longer periods without damaging their hearing. And, if you have neighbors, think how happy less noise will make them.

Noise Chart
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Screen Media: Materials

Polydex® Screen Panels

Whatever your screening conditions (wet or dry). Whatever your feed rate, material size or bed depth. Whatever the application (scalping, fines removal, drain and rinse etc.), Polydeck screen panels are manufactured with polyurethane screening materials that provide long life and consistent performance.

Polyurethane (Polydex®)
The original synthetic modular screen media material

  • Standard compound - the right choice for most general applications
  • A softer poly compound for applications requiring a flexible panel surface
  • A special formulation for applications where microbial action degrades standard polyurethane
  • Polyurethane MSDS Sheet
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