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Installing PolyRails™
is Quick and Easy

PolyRail™ strips can be quickly attached to channel or angle iron sections in a matter of minutes, making the PolyRail™ one of the easiest frame system conversions to make. The two-foot wide by one-foot long screen panels snap onto the rails and slide into position.


Frame Systems: PolyRail™

PolyRail™ Frame System

This simple, bolt-on rail system is an optimal solution for converting profile wire or punch plate decks to our 2' wide x 1' long PolyRail™ screen panels. Commonly used in the coal industry, it works well where the standard support frame design is a 2" wide longitudinal channel or with angle iron stringers located on 2' wide centers. Installation of PolyRail™ strips can be completed during scheduled maintenance and the PolyRail™ screen panels simply snap in place for the ultimate in a quick, easy conversion.

polyrail pic