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New Vector Slot Technology (VST) Panel Released

Posted by Matt Donovan on Wed, Mar 30, 2016

SPARTANBURG, SC - MARCH 30, 2016 - Polydeck Screen Corporation is pleased to announce the release of its Vector Slot Technology (VST) screen panel design.

This patented design incorporates slots at opposing 45 degree angles creating a zigzag flow which increases retention time, therefore providing increased drain rates per square foot. The slots’ orientation in relation to the machine’s motion helps prevent particles from being driven into the apertures, reducing pegging and blinding problems often associated with fine sizing.

Vector Slot Technology enables a customer to screen/dewater at a higher efficiency than traditional slotted screen or continuous slot screen panels. Field testing has demonstrated that the VST also has a much lower tendency to plug with near sized particles providing higher open area throughout the life cycle of the screen panel.

Available in 0.65mm and 1mm apertures and coming soon in additional aperture sizes.

Learn more at the Coal Prep trade show, booth 1118 - April 26-27 in Louisville, KY.


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