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Helping Make Your
Installation a Success

Converting a screen deck from a wire cloth system to our PipeTop II™ jigged stringer system is a simple straightforward process. For a first-time conversion, we offer a 5-minute animation to walk your installation team through each step of the process. Click on the image below to preview the animation.

To request a complete copy of the animation CD use the Polydeck Information Request Form or contact your Polydeck salesman or dealer.

Installation Support

Field & Installation Support

For installation service and support that is unequalled in our industry, you can depend on Polydeck.

Whether you are installing an entirely new Polydeck frame or converting an existing frame to our PipeTop II® system, we provide installation support that helps you keep downtime to a minimum and ensures your plant reaches its production targets as quickly as possible.

Support is offered in several different options, depending on the technical capability of your installation team. Whether you're taking advantage of our installation CD that provides step-by-step instructions or our on-site consulting services, we provide the resources you need to ensure proper system and/or product installation and a successful start-up.