Frame Systems: PipeTop II™

PipeTop II™ Frame System

PipeTop II™ Stringer Frame System
The beauty of this high-open-area system is its versatility, simplicity, and flexibility. No other frame system offers the range of options and benefits that the PipeTop II™ can.

Features and Benefits

  • ½"-wide rails for more material pass-through and more spec product on the ground
  • Steel ferrules with screw-in polyurethane inserts for longer life and easy replacement
  • PolySnap® fastening option for quicker, easier installation and removal (compared to traditional pin-style fastening)

Installation Options

  • Conversions
    • Bundled stringer rails for installation by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
    • Jigged stringer assemblies for field conversion of an existing frame
  • Complete deck frames with PipeTop II™ stringer rails

Stringer Styles/Types

  • ½"-wide PipeTop II™ rails with ferrules in two-per-foot or three-per-foot combinations
  • "Winged" rail to accommodate eight-pin or eight-snap screen panels

Material Options

  • Polydeck PipeTop II BrochureIndustrial-grade steel
  • Stainless steel ferrules welded into the mild steel stringer rails
  • Entire stainless steel stringer rail and ferrule assembly

For more information, download the Polydeck PipeTop II™ frame system brochure. »