What Is Performance Guaranteed
Polydeck Performance Guaranteed
At Polydeck, performance means more than screen media throughput. It means:
  • Our screening solution will be more cost-effective than your existing screen media;
  • Your screening efficiency will be maintained or increased;
  • You will meet your product specification;
  • Our sales, applications and engineering professionals are the best trained, most highly qualified in the industry and they will partner with you to maximize the efficiency of your screening operation;
  • If you have an emergency in your screening operation, we will bend over backwards to get you up and running quicker than anyone;
  • Our quality personnel will act as your representatives on the plant floor to ensure that every screen panel and frame we ship will meet our stringent quality standards;
  • If we make a mistake, we’ll accept responsibility and make it right, period.
When you choose Polydeck Screen Corporation to be your screening partner, you’re not simply choosing product performance, you’re choosing company performance. Guaranteed!