Mining Application Case Studies

Region: Mexico
Material: Gold Ore
Issue: Limited screen size restricted production capacity, which was magnified by use of a competitor's low open area screen panels. High circulating loads of already crushed finished product produced high wear and power draw on the crushers.
Solution: Analysis revealed that higher open area Maxi screen panels would increase production capacity and reduce power demands on the crushers.
Result: Plant capacity was increased by 30% with no additional space or screen deck modification required.

Region: South Dakota
Material: Gold
Issue: Severe blinding on the bottom decks of the customer's 7' by 16' screening operation has drastically reduced crushing and screening efficiency. Competitor's 1' by 2' screen media solution has 22% open area.
Solution: Polydeck suggested running a side-by-side comparison with the existing set-up. Polydeck provided 1' by 2' Flexi rubber VR screen panels with 39% open area to run on 2 decks in identical operating conditions against the competitor's screen media on 2 other decks.
Result: Belt samples revealed the Polydeck solution ran 796 tph with no blinding while the competitor's ran 624 tph; increased efficiency reduced load on crusher liner life which was estimated to save over $8,500 per year per crusher. Overall circuit capacity was judged to be greatly increased using Polydeck screen media solution.