Kwikdeck™ Conversion System

The “Kwik,” Easy Way to Try Modular Synthetic Screen Media on Your Crowned Deck.

The Kwikdeck™ system gives producers who currently have a single or double-crowned deck surface an opportunity to try modular synthetic screen media with absolutely no risk.

The entire installation process for each four-foot section takes about 45 minutes. The conversion utilizes existing bucker bars and side retention rails and requires no modification to your existing deck structure.

If you need to convert back, the system can be removed, bucker bar rubber and existing media reinstalled, and the deck is back to its original condition. And if you’re a producer that needs to switch back and forth between multiple products, Kwikdeck™ provides a great solution.

Once you’ve enjoyed the many cost and time-saving benefits that modular synthetic media can provide using Kwikdeck, it's an easy process to convert your whole deck to the versatile and effective PipeTop II™ system.

For more information, download the Kwikdeck sales sheet.