Kwikdeck: A Perfect Low-Cost, No-Risk Way to Try Synthetic Screen Media

Posted by Dennis Zeiger on Jun 23, 2017 1:33:33 PM


If you are a wire cloth user, you are probably accustomed to frequent wire changeouts. But how much time would you save if you could go from changing your wire cloth every other week to changing your screen media twice a year? If you’re interested in defending your time and giving synthetic screen media a try, Kwikdeck is an ideal solution. With very minimal cost to set up, there’s no reason not to give it a shot.

The Kwikdeck system is extremely simple to install because no frame alteration is required. Since synthetic screen media generally lasts at least ten times longer than wire screens,[1] think of all the maintenance time you’ll save that can be used in other areas. Think of the reduced safety concerns when your maintenance teams don’t have to crawl onto the screen decks nearly as often. Furthermore, with Kwikdeck there is no additional detectable weight over existing wire cloth screens. So you have to ask yourself: What is your time worth? What is your maintenance crew’s time and safety worth?

Screen media is a critical part of the screening circuit for aggregate, coal, and mining operations. Despite its short wear life, wire cloth has been a popular choice used by these industries for decades. Today, it’s time to try something better. Polydeck, a leading modular screening solutions provider, has created the Kwikdeck system to allow you to try the 21st century solution, at no risk. Kwikdeck is simple to install, taking approximately 45 minutes to change out a 4’ x 6’ section. It reuses the existing side clamp rails and doesn’t require any physical change to the existing desk’s structure. Kwikdeck works with both double-crowned and single-crowned decks, which means it can be adapted to most vibrating machine’s dimensions and configurations.

Kwikdeck is an opportunity for someone who has traditionally been a wire cloth user to try synthetic media without risk. Install it at the feed end of your vibrating screen and you’ll immediately see how easy it is to install and what a difference it will make in wear life. Kwikdeck is also a perfect solution for portable screening operations that may need to alternate between using wire cloth and synthetic media. Operators can easily switch between the different media types in order to maximize production requirements.

Kwikdeck is an innovative, one-of-a-kind product from Polydeck that can make your operation safer and more cost-effective. To learn more, visit us at today.


[1]  Accessed June 8, 2017