Kwikdeck: A Perfect Low-Cost, No-Risk Way to Try Synthetic Screen Media

Posted by Dennis Zeiger on Jun 23, 2017 1:33:33 PM

If you are a wire cloth user, you are probably accustomed to frequent wire changeouts. But how much time would you save if you could go from changing your wire cloth every other week to changing your screen media twice a year? If you’re interested in defending your time and giving synthetic screen media a try, Kwikdeck is an ideal solution. With very minimal cost to set up, there’s no reason not to give it a shot.

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The Art & Science of Screen Media Selection

Posted by Dennis Zeiger on Jun 9, 2017 2:16:47 PM

When it comes to manufacturing screen media for aggregate, coal and mining use, making them pretty is the easy part. The hard part is selecting the best solution to deliver the greatest functionality to meet the customer’s needs. There’s an art and science that lies behind designing screen panels for superior form and function. That’s because there are so many variables at play. The most effective screen media selection will include a mix of apertures and surface configurations tailored to the needs of each screening application to enhance capacity, reduce costs, and decrease downtime.

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