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The Reason for the 23mm Hole

If you are currently using a channel style frame system on your screen decks, you may have wondered how the twenty-three millimeter hole size became the universal standard. Well, the story goes that, in the early 1970's, Manfred Freissle had begun development on his revolutionary concept for a modular synthetic screen system. His work included designing a frame on which to attach the screen panels. He experimented with materials already laying around, which included pieces of channel stock and one of the drill bits used in his wire cloth business. The size of the drill bit? Twenty-three millimeters, and the rest is history.

23mm Hole

Frame Systems: Channel

Channel Frame Systems

Polydeck's 2"-wide channel-type frame rails offer excellent strength and support for heavy-duty scalping applications where open area is not as critical.

Complete Grid Support Frame

  • Complete Grid Support FrameProvides heavy-duty support on all four sides of screen panel
  • Drilled to accept 12-pin-style screen panels
  • Assures exceptional strength and rigidity
  • Ideal for heavy-duty mining on 10'- and 12'-wide vibrating screens

Complete Screen Deck Support Frame

  • Complete Screen Deck Support FrameAssures complete support (stringer rails are welded onto actual deck cross members)
  • Allows easy, bolt-in installation/replacement

Pre-jigged Stringer Assembly

  • Pre-jigged Stringer AssemblyJigged at our plant and ready for delivery to quarry or operation site
  • Allows easy conversion of your existing deck frames to our channel system

Individual Stringers

  • Individual StringersOffered in bundles of channel stringer rails
  • Typically provided to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for welding onto the cross members of their support frame