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Experience and Expertise Essential To Applications Success

The correct screen media solution is typically a joint effort between the customer and Polydeck's internal and external professionals. The process is most successful when a detailed study of the screening operation is completed. Based on this analysis, Polydeck is then able to offer the most effective solution, backed up by our performance guarantee.

Applications Engineering

We use information from the customer's gradation analysis as a first step in verifying the right screen panel selection.

Polydeck Test Lab with Customer Sample

The Polydeck test lab runs customer samples using adjustable screening equipment and different types of media to find the best screen configuration for a particular application.

Applications Engineering

Applications Engineering

Our Applications Department reviews all new orders submitted by our Outside Sales network. This approach helps ensure that every screen panel selection is appropriate for the application.

Our Screening Applications team is comprised of degreed Mining Engineers who have worked in the field for producer companies. They evaluate all aspects of the order, screen it through our applications database, and ask questions so that the solution we provide is matched to your application requirements.

Based on this extensive knowledge and industry experience, we have provided solutions to customers throughout the U.S. and more than 20 countries around the world.

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