Aggregate Application Case Studies

Region: California
Material: Sand and gravel
Issue: Dewatering circuit was crippled by broken deck frames where molded plackets had debonded from the mother frame, premature stringer wear due to wallowed out fastening holes, and panel failures due to heavy bed depth and inconsistent opening dimensions.
Solution: Polydeck installed heavy-duty frames with additional panel supports and 8-pin polyurethane screen panels with .65mm x 14mm slotted openings
Result: Revised dewatering circuit has been running smoothly since May 2006.

Region: Montana
Material: Sand and gravel
Issue: High wear, noise, blinding, safety issues on a 7' by 20' horizontal screen
Solution: Heavy duty Rubberdex® screen panels on top deck scalping screen to increase wear life; Polydeck's high open area Maxi screen panel design on the middle deck to increase wear life; Rubberdex® Flexi screen panels on bottom deck of tertiary unit to address the blinding issues.
Result: All customer goals were met or exceeded; vibrating screen ran for 3 years before any screen panels needed replacement.

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